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  • Greens Report 2018

    Winter Greens Report, February 2018


    The plan for the Greens, weather permitting, is to put the Vertidrainer
    over them at a depth of 10 inches.  This can only be done if we get at least 2
    weeks of reasonably dry weather.  On Greens 7,8 and 9 we are going to spread a
    porous volcanic clay onto them.  This product absorbs surface water and enables
    the Greens to dry out quicker.  I have used this product in the past and it has
    had excellent results.  This product is best applied following either
    vertidraining or hollow coring.
    We will continue with spiking work where possible until the end of


    All of the Tees are in good condition and will be Spiked up until the end
    of March.  We will apply a slow release Spring and Summer fertilizer.


    All Fairways have been spiked once and are about to be spiked again. 
    Spiking will stop at the end of March.

    Drainage Work

    The drainage work on the Golf Course will be an ongoing project and will
    probably take many years to complete.  The work carried out up until now has
    been successful.  We are about to start filling in the drains with a course
    gravel, followed by a finer gravel and a Rootzone mixture.  They will then be
    turfed over.  At the end of the year we will identify problem areas and start
    the process again.

    New 18th Tee

    This is an ongoing project. We are awaiting dryer weather conditions to
    collect more stone.

    New Machinery

    I would like to thank the Club for backing the buying of the following
    machinery. These machines are an important development in improving the Golf
    Course in the future.
    1 Toro Hollow Coring Machine
    1 Set of Thatchaway Units to fit the Toro
    1 Set of Brushes to fit the Toro

    Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the Greenkeeping team if you
    have any questions

    Kind Regards

    Jeremy T Eastwood

    Head Greenkeeper